73 Avenue Paul Doumer 75016 Paris

Docteur Nadine ASSAYAG Dentiste Esthétique Paris 16

Esthétique - Facette - Implant - Paris

73 Avenue Paul Doumer 75016 Paris
73 Avenue Paul Doumer 75016 Paris

English Speaking Dentist - Dental Surgeon - Paris

English Speaking Dentist - Dental Surgeon - Paris

Our dental surgeon welcome you by providing the best in dental treatments.

The practice is ideally located in Paris and easy to access (Trocadero) by car as well as by public transport.Our team will take care of you in modern and comfortable surroundings.The design of the office meets the strictest requirements in terms of sterilization and traceability. 

In order to provide optimal treatments, the techniques and equipment we use are derived from the latest technological advancements. Our dentists listen intently to your concerns and will suggest the treatments best suited to your individual needs. 

We offer you quality care in all dental practices :

Restorative dentistry

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry

The removal of any natural tooth structure is permanent, so cosmetic dentists today prefer to offer patients the most minimally invasive options first. If your natural teeth are functionally and esthetically adequate, dental veneers may not be an appropriate treatment for you.

However, if you have severely dull or discolored teeth, your treatment options may  include porcelain dental veneers or composite veneers. Veneers do have the added benefits of longevity and a proven ability to enhance the appearance of the mouth, smile and other facial features that are better supported by properly shaped teeth. 

Prosthodontics (Fixed and removable)


IMPLANTS : Unfortunately sometimes a tooth has to be taken out. In the last 10 years implants have become the treatment of choice for replacing a missing tooth. an implant is a titanium screw that is put into the bone and a crown fitted on top of it. It integrates into your bone and is better than dentures or bridges as it is easy to clean and doesn’t put any load on your existing teeth. It is a procedure done under local anaesthetic and I am told by patients immediately after placement it hardly hurts at all. I refer all my patients for implants to a specialist who has a surgery literally nextdoor.

Oral surgery 

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