Docteur Nadine ASSAYAG Dentiste Esthétique Paris 16 , 73 Avenue Paul Doumer - 75016 Paris - Tél : 01 45 04 53 34

Dr. Nadine Assayag treats patients in her dental office in the 16th arrondissement of Paris (Trocadéro).
She can advise you on cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.
Dr. Nadine Assayag specialises in cosmetic dentistry in Paris, including:
- Dental veneers
- Whitening

L'équipe du cabinet dentaire Esthétique
Vue du cabinet dentaire : Proche Tour Eiffel (Dr Assayag - Paris)
Accueil du cabinet d'esthétique
Salle d'attente du cabinet (Dr Assayag - Paris)
Salle d'attente du cabinet
Salle d'attente du cabinet
Fauteuil de soins et pose de facettes
Bureau du Docteur Nadine Assayag : Esthétique
Expertise dentaire et esthétique
Fauteuil pour la dentisterie esthétique (Dr Assayag - Paris)
Dr Nadine Assayag : Spécialiste de la pose de facettes céramiques

Opening hours Dental Surgeon :
Everyday from 9-00 am to 7pm on appointment

For a cosmetic consultation: an overall consultation is carried out with photographs taken of your smile, teeth and face. You'll receive the quote straight away. If we need to take a panoramic x-ray, a health claims form will be issued via the Carte Vitale health insurance card.

Getting there
Place Possoz - Bus no. 22
Métro La Muette - Line 9
Métro Passy - Line 6
Public car park next to La Muette metro station


Dr. Nadine Assayag has been providing oral health care in her dental office dental surgeon in Paris 16 Trocadéro for thirty years.

More specifically, she offers advice and care in cosmetic dentistry and implantology - fitting dental implants.

Dr. Nadine Assayag treats problems linked to discolouration, alignment and shape (peg teeth, gaps and overcrowing) using bonded ceramic veneers.

In certain cases, back teeth can be restored with exact-fit inlays/onlays which, along with dental veneers help to create beautiful healthy-looking white teeth using the most advanced techniques for quality care.

Periodontology care for the treatment of bone and gum disease (deep cleaning: scaling and root planing) is also available as part of dental prevention.

For your well-being and to provide quality care, the dental office is equipped with a panoramic dental x-ray machine.

We seek the best for your teeth, smile and comfort.
Assistante dentaire spécialisée en esthétique et en implantologie
Secrétaire médicale


On-duty service
An on-duty service is organised on Sundays and public holidays by the Departmental Dentistry Association. You can get the contact details of the on-duty dentist in your local daily paper or by calling the police station in your nearest town.